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Specialist Studio Practice – Best practice finals

Best practice images

Looking at the range of external jobs I have done I have selected my best practice images that I feel are the strongest I have printed 25 but once they were printed I then sat down and narrowed it down to my best once and I came up with the following 8 I feel they all show different things and most of the are jobs that I would do on a day to day basis as to been a food photographer. But dong these external jobs has helped and gave me that knowledge and understand of what to expect when photographing events like this again in the future.

I have selected a makeup shoot and a wedding photography shoot which I did ad well as the Snap sugar catering shoot I did which shows stylist setting the food on the wooden plates. And the great British deli shoot which was based on photographing products.

I am happy within the selection of images as they are very strong images and show my experience within other genre that I haven’t had much experience in but just by doing them I have built that and gained confidence and knowledge within it which I am very pleased about.

 Image size and Finish

Size: 12×18 Luster finish



Specialist studio practice 3 Cheeky sew and sew

External opportunity

I and my class colleagues were contact by a client who wanted some products and clothing photograph we both had not photographed clothes before so it was something new to both of us, the client had provided us with some tops and skirts alongside with some belts, and IPad covers. The client had hand made all the following items and was wanting a range of shoots as they would be used on social media and her website page.


We both collaborated together and shoot all the items in one day within the studio, we provided the client with full large size images as well as website sized as well this was an unpaid role but we were going to be credited for it. We and my group took part in photographing this job some went out on set but I and another colleague chose to do the product photography.


Overall I am happy with the final results of the shoot they had come out just as we wanted we will be editing them and given all the images a complete white backdrop. This was a great experience however the client had given then clothing without been ironed which didn’t help for some of the clothing so it has made us aware that for next time we could as or rent one out in order to make sure the clothing is nice and set out without any creases, because the clothing were handmade and we didn’t have permission to iron we could be doing anything with them other than just photographing them.



Specialist Studio Practice 3 (Media Makeup)

External Opportunity’s

Bradford college media makeup

As been part of Bradford college our class was contacted by the media makeup tutor and asked if our group could photograph their students as the do make up on the models these photograph would then been handed to the tutor as she will be reviewing the work of the media makeup class.

As we all took it in turn and collaborated as a group to help each and every one to make sure the lighting was set and all reflects and props were placed in the correct place.

I managed to get three models who I photographed we all went in turns and made sure we all had the same amount and no one was left out as it was a group task. We had an option of a white backdrop and a black this all depended on the makeup artist and what kind of theme they were looking for as we would go with their request as it Is their shoots and they would be examined on them.

Overall I managed to produce three different shoots which I was very happy with so was the makeup artist as they came in and gave their request of what they would like me to capture, which was full face and both side making sure everything they have done is captured on the SLR.

Specialist Studio Prcatice Mumtaz food photography (shoot 12)

Grilled chicken with chips & side sauces and salad


Aims for this shoot was to capture a range of shoot of the grilled chicken I feel it was a successful, in order to capture this shoot I had to make sure the right lighting was used as it got difficult because some of my images began to bleach out when I changed the aperture in order to get the chicken to standout. alternatively I then got some white card and used my LED lighting to make the chicken stand out as it was grilled it was very important that it stands out and that the audience can see it a grilled chicken because sometime by using the wrong lighting setting you can completely change the look of the food which doesn’t work out well.

Doing these shoots I feel lighting compassions is a very important thing out of everything if these are correct you cannot go wrong but if these settings are wrong  then your images could not come out as wanted.

Overall it was a great task I have completed with a variety of images that I am pleased with. My next aim will be to continue shooting and making sure the following structures and settings are used to get the correct images that are appealing to the audience, working with a range of professional and getting knowledge from them has really befitted me and has gave me great confidence.

Specialist Studio Prcatice Mumtaz food photography (Shoot 11)

Orange and strawberry smoothie

Aims for this shoot what’s to capture drinks this was one of the drinks which I had captured due to not having a white background set I did have much option other than creating a large amount of depth of field and capturing the drinks image on the table as it shows you how the drink would look and also makes it look nature and realistic.

I did a range off shoots so it gives me a better idea of which image is stronger and which would stand out better. Reviewing all of the images I feel they all have come out as expected. As it was a glass it was very difficult to keep light out using white cards did help but having a sun roof window brought extra lighting in which kept the shade on the glass but looking at my images I feel they have that natural look and make the image look appealing and eye catching which is what I was creating.

Overall this was a great shoot I have produced a range of shoots which I am very pleased with and I feel they stand out very well and work well to what I was trying to create. It has given me confidence with how to capture drinks make them look naturel as possible and standout.

Specialist Studio Prcatice Mumtaz food photography (shoot 10)

Aims for this shoot was to get a range of shoots and making sure all the texture and details within the coffee and around it are captured as seen. I did a range of angle to how the coffee would be seen if it was placed in front of a person as it would give them an idea of how it would taste or look like as looking at it.

By capturing a range of shots I did a lot of pin pointing as this is very important to produce the shoot you are wanting making sure all details and items are been captured within the image as se making sure not but of items has been miss placed or put in a place where they can’t be seen. Within food photography structure to details is largely important making sure everything is set out in the right way and is seen.

Coffee most people enjoy a cup of coffee after a hard day at work and a bit of time off with a family or friend, here is a cup of coffee with milk placed next to it.

Overall I am very happy with the final results of the shoot I have managed to add every detail which was asked and captured a range of compositions so the graphic designer will have a better idea of what images they would think would look best on the website page.

Specialist Studio Prcatice Mumtaz food photography (Shoot 9)

How to prepare:

It is prepared by frying potatoes in oil and adding spices and chutney. It can be served as a snack, a side dish or a light meal. It is made from boiled and fried cubed potatoes served with chat masala.

Aims for this shoot was to capture this small meal, lighting was another important thing as it was styled and presented in such a way were I was asked to make sure I have a selection of image of this food from a large amount of compositions used so they have a range if images that could be used for the website.

This is another meals that is made to look modern and eye catching within restaurant as it sells well the restaurant wanted to make it look eye catching and appealing to its audience.Overall I feel I have achieved the needs of this shoot I have a range of images that I was pleased with and happy to send off to the owner to be used for the website as they were very happy and pleased with the finished results of the images. My next task was to continue photographing a range of dishes that are appealing and regularly order on the menu.

Specialist Studio Prcatice Mumtaz food photography (Shoot 8)

Chicken steak with salad within this shoot I produced a range of shoots from looking over the plate as well as close up shoots to create that depth of field which will get the audience thinking what the food is and what it would taste like.

I produced a range of shoots for the owner and thought they work very well for what I am doing and as it is a comfort food for those who enjoy going out to restaurants and eating a specific food.

Lighting was very important as because the chicken has masala on it which gave it a chilli taste and it was important that all these things are added in as that is what the customers look for, they have great interest in what you put on to the food so they could try it and having an image of a food makes it much more easier for the buyer as they know what they are looking at, were as having a menu but no image makes you think how much will be on a plate or what else will be on it.

Overall it was a great taste I completed with getting a range of images that I am very happy about and I will continue to shoot food within this style and structure.


Specialist Studio Prcatice Mumtaz food photography (Shoot 7)

Smoke chicken breast with salad and vegetable and side sauces, aims for this shoot was to capture all three items to get and individually. As the chicken was very Smokey and warm the chef wanted some shoots of the chicken as it came out all steamy and warm so it gives the public an idea that they would supply you would food out of the kitchen freshly made.

As the food was warm and the steam was coming out within this time I just continued photographing and made sure I carried on shooting in order to get the best shoot and make sure I get the steam in as that was one of the main aims as it gives the audience that feel of wanting to eat the food as seen when see images like this.

Overall it was a great shoot I have managed to create a range of images that I wanted and showing them to the owner he was very placed and happy with the finished results of the images. My next aim was to continue photographing and making food look appealing for the customers of the Mumtaz modern restaurant.   


Specialist Studio Prcatice Mumtaz food photography (shoot 6)

Shoot 6

Photographing a starter dish for this shoot I had three side sauces and chicken tikka with vegetables, as all three items were placed on a septate plate it was my aim to make sure I get a full image of all three dishes to show how the food is set out.  

I shoot all three items together as well as separating and photographing them on their own as the manager of the store wanted me to do a range and then some single shoots that would be used for their food and can be displayed separately which was a good idea.

Lighting was very important as it was important to get the correct lighting so all of the food stands out and good eye catching. Overall I feel it was a great shoot I achieved to get a selection of images of all items and feel they have worked very well and have stood out. I have managed to make the food look appealing as this was chicken placed on a plat as it kept it warm I had to make sure the composition of the image is correct so the food stands out which I feel worked very well.