Specialist Studio Practice – Proposal final images





During my final year of university I have focused on my final major project and done a range of shoots that I have massively developed. I feel my images can talk for themselves and also they have a signature to show that I have taken them as they all have a pattern of similarity within them.

For my project I will be exploring in ‘comfort food’, within this I will be exploring various kinds of food and issues that are related within ‘comfort food’. I want to explore in Commercial food photography and see how the media play a role in this.  Within my dissertation I have talked about the 18th and 20th century and how food is made to look appealing which relates to my food photography and what I have been capturing.

‘This dissertation will be discussing still life photography’, focusing mainly on food photography and where it originated from. Through extensive research in to how big market food companies reply on photography for their advertisement, the techniques used within 17th and 18th century art and current photography within the 21st century. By examining the work of Paul Cezanne, Pieter Claesz and Johannes Vermeer in comparison to the work for Marks and Spencer food photography.

The methods used in the Marks & Spencer’s advertisements and food photography are similar to the techniques used in the 18th century still life food painting. The comparison of photography now compared to the 18th century are similar due to the contemporary style of images that are created today. They focus on how they were painted in the 17 & 18th century. Marks & Spencer’s unique way of showcasing their food by using a vintage style feel which employs techniques such as using dark backgrounds with brightly coloured foods to create a stand out effect which was a known technique used by painters in the 18th Century. Marks & Spencer’s are well known for their luxurious food advertisements, this is captured in their range of food photography. Their TV advertisements are not only appealing but eye catching.

‘Comfort Food’ there is a range of ways of ‘comfort eating now this could either be emotionally or it could be a happy occasion. I want to explore within this and see how people ‘comfort eat and when they do it most. Within this research will be exploring various kinds if meals that the public tend to have most and what it is that people like about ‘comfort eating’. Doing research on what it does to most people has made me aware of what to look out for within my work and how to get the public involved within my project. Looking at arrange of research and working with professionals stylised I have learnt that most restaurants and photographers like to make the food look modernised and standout which is happening within the 20th century’s.

Photographs: 11 finals

I have 11 final portfolio images which I have narrowed down from 28 Images, looking through the range I left the other images were very similar so in order from stop repeating the same images I removed some and kept the most strongest ones.


Size: 12×8 Magazine size

I have seized my images to 12×8 as I wanted to show how they are represented within magazines such as the M&S and how Jamie Oliver has them at a4 size in his cook books. Demonstrating this with my images and how food presented within the 20th century I feel has worked very well I believe the size of the image is great as to when people view it they will have the whole image in there hand and details and making the food look eye catching has worked very well within.

Luster finish presented in book.

Due to not having much time to order a personalized book got my images printed at Proam at a Luster finish so the texture and details look stronger and show in a high standards.

Handing in 12×8 images within a book.


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