Specialist Studio Practice – Best practice finals

Best practice images

Looking at the range of external jobs I have done I have selected my best practice images that I feel are the strongest I have printed 25 but once they were printed I then sat down and narrowed it down to my best once and I came up with the following 8 I feel they all show different things and most of the are jobs that I would do on a day to day basis as to been a food photographer. But dong these external jobs has helped and gave me that knowledge and understand of what to expect when photographing events like this again in the future.

I have selected a makeup shoot and a wedding photography shoot which I did ad well as the Snap sugar catering shoot I did which shows stylist setting the food on the wooden plates. And the great British deli shoot which was based on photographing products.

I am happy within the selection of images as they are very strong images and show my experience within other genre that I haven’t had much experience in but just by doing them I have built that and gained confidence and knowledge within it which I am very pleased about.

 Image size and Finish

Size: 12×18 Luster finish



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