Specialist studio practice 3 Cheeky sew and sew

External opportunity

I and my class colleagues were contact by a client who wanted some products and clothing photograph we both had not photographed clothes before so it was something new to both of us, the client had provided us with some tops and skirts alongside with some belts, and IPad covers. The client had hand made all the following items and was wanting a range of shoots as they would be used on social media and her website page.


We both collaborated together and shoot all the items in one day within the studio, we provided the client with full large size images as well as website sized as well this was an unpaid role but we were going to be credited for it. We and my group took part in photographing this job some went out on set but I and another colleague chose to do the product photography.


Overall I am happy with the final results of the shoot they had come out just as we wanted we will be editing them and given all the images a complete white backdrop. This was a great experience however the client had given then clothing without been ironed which didn’t help for some of the clothing so it has made us aware that for next time we could as or rent one out in order to make sure the clothing is nice and set out without any creases, because the clothing were handmade and we didn’t have permission to iron we could be doing anything with them other than just photographing them.




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