Specialist Studio practice 3 Shoot 14

Fish and Chips with a lemon juice

Aims for this shoot was to create a comforting food look which would appeal to a large audience, within this shoot I created shoots by placing the fish and chips in a range of way to make it stand out I started by breaking it in half and placing it on each side once completing the shoot and looking back at it I wasn’t very keen on the finished result so then I go the other half of the fish and cut it in three pieces and placed the chips under and the fish on top, I then put both lemons on each side which really worked out great and gave the image an appealing look and made the fish and chips look extravagant and mouth-watering which Is what I wanted to create.

I placed my LED lighting around the food and close enough to it so the lighting spreads around the plate and light it almost up which it worked well and made the food look much more appealing and eye catching.

Overall I am very pleased with my shoot I feel the close up look has worked very well and light up the food it almost a signature to show how I capture my food photography so I other people saw it they would be able to tell that is my shoot just by the composition of the shoot and how its structured.


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