Specialist Studio Prcatice Mumtaz food photography (Shoot 8)

Chicken steak with salad within this shoot I produced a range of shoots from looking over the plate as well as close up shoots to create that depth of field which will get the audience thinking what the food is and what it would taste like.

I produced a range of shoots for the owner and thought they work very well for what I am doing and as it is a comfort food for those who enjoy going out to restaurants and eating a specific food.

Lighting was very important as because the chicken has masala on it which gave it a chilli taste and it was important that all these things are added in as that is what the customers look for, they have great interest in what you put on to the food so they could try it and having an image of a food makes it much more easier for the buyer as they know what they are looking at, were as having a menu but no image makes you think how much will be on a plate or what else will be on it.

Overall it was a great taste I completed with getting a range of images that I am very happy about and I will continue to shoot food within this style and structure.



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