Specialist Studio Prcatice Mumtaz food photography (shoot 12)

Grilled chicken with chips & side sauces and salad


Aims for this shoot was to capture a range of shoot of the grilled chicken I feel it was a successful, in order to capture this shoot I had to make sure the right lighting was used as it got difficult because some of my images began to bleach out when I changed the aperture in order to get the chicken to standout. alternatively I then got some white card and used my LED lighting to make the chicken stand out as it was grilled it was very important that it stands out and that the audience can see it a grilled chicken because sometime by using the wrong lighting setting you can completely change the look of the food which doesn’t work out well.

Doing these shoots I feel lighting compassions is a very important thing out of everything if these are correct you cannot go wrong but if these settings are wrong  then your images could not come out as wanted.

Overall it was a great task I have completed with a variety of images that I am pleased with. My next aim will be to continue shooting and making sure the following structures and settings are used to get the correct images that are appealing to the audience, working with a range of professional and getting knowledge from them has really befitted me and has gave me great confidence.


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