Specialist Studio Prcatice Mumtaz food photography (Shoot 11)

Orange and strawberry smoothie

Aims for this shoot what’s to capture drinks this was one of the drinks which I had captured due to not having a white background set I did have much option other than creating a large amount of depth of field and capturing the drinks image on the table as it shows you how the drink would look and also makes it look nature and realistic.

I did a range off shoots so it gives me a better idea of which image is stronger and which would stand out better. Reviewing all of the images I feel they all have come out as expected. As it was a glass it was very difficult to keep light out using white cards did help but having a sun roof window brought extra lighting in which kept the shade on the glass but looking at my images I feel they have that natural look and make the image look appealing and eye catching which is what I was creating.

Overall this was a great shoot I have produced a range of shoots which I am very pleased with and I feel they stand out very well and work well to what I was trying to create. It has given me confidence with how to capture drinks make them look naturel as possible and standout.


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