Specialist Studio Prcatice Mumtaz food photography (shoot 10)

Aims for this shoot was to get a range of shoots and making sure all the texture and details within the coffee and around it are captured as seen. I did a range of angle to how the coffee would be seen if it was placed in front of a person as it would give them an idea of how it would taste or look like as looking at it.

By capturing a range of shots I did a lot of pin pointing as this is very important to produce the shoot you are wanting making sure all details and items are been captured within the image as se making sure not but of items has been miss placed or put in a place where they can’t be seen. Within food photography structure to details is largely important making sure everything is set out in the right way and is seen.

Coffee most people enjoy a cup of coffee after a hard day at work and a bit of time off with a family or friend, here is a cup of coffee with milk placed next to it.

Overall I am very happy with the final results of the shoot I have managed to add every detail which was asked and captured a range of compositions so the graphic designer will have a better idea of what images they would think would look best on the website page.


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