Specialist Studio Prcatice Mumtaz food photography (shoot 6)

Shoot 6

Photographing a starter dish for this shoot I had three side sauces and chicken tikka with vegetables, as all three items were placed on a septate plate it was my aim to make sure I get a full image of all three dishes to show how the food is set out.  

I shoot all three items together as well as separating and photographing them on their own as the manager of the store wanted me to do a range and then some single shoots that would be used for their food and can be displayed separately which was a good idea.

Lighting was very important as it was important to get the correct lighting so all of the food stands out and good eye catching. Overall I feel it was a great shoot I achieved to get a selection of images of all items and feel they have worked very well and have stood out. I have managed to make the food look appealing as this was chicken placed on a plat as it kept it warm I had to make sure the composition of the image is correct so the food stands out which I feel worked very well.



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