Specialist Studio Prcatice Mumtaz food photography (Shoot 5)


Aims for this shoot was to photograph the chocolate sponge cake which vanilla ice cream this was an great task as when the stylist brought the food to be photographed he mentioned how fast it had to be done as the chocolate sponge cake was very warm and as the ice cream is placed right next to it will melt fast.

This was a great experience as it made me aware of how fast you need to think sometimes as you would have food that would be very warm and cases like this were chocolate and ice cream and placed next to each other so you have to be fast whilst photographing and thinking about how to structure things very fast as you don’t have much time because the cream is melting.

Overall this was a great task as it made me aware of how to shoot in difficult situations, it gave me great awareness of how to be advice and how to think fast when you are given a dish to photograph.  

My next task is to continue photographing modern restaurant food that would appeal to the public, also been aware of my composition and structures of how I photograph these images. As these are what people see on magazines and website lighting is another case, it’s very important to like you food up in the right way so it stands out to the audience.



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