Specialist Studio Prcatice 3 Ghost Photography

Ghost photography

Looking at jobs and applying for them most of the enquire skills such as ghost photography, me and my class mates then took part in a task were we set up some lighting as well as LED lighting which brought in extra lighting and made the clothing standout which worked out very well.  We then dressed the manikin in a range of clothing that was provided and that we had bought in ourselves which we used to create a range of shoots with.

Collaborating as a team we successfully created a series of images that were great for our use for our cut out once completed the shoots. As every clothing item had a different shade and were in different colour and texture this is a big impact to the image so we had to make sure the lighting was moved around to the right place and angles were correct to see full details of the clothing.

Also as the manikin isn’t an actual body it’s like a stand where you just place the clothing in we had to place items within the clothing to it make it stand out and look like some is wearing it once cut out. Overall it was a great task as we all helped and got stuck in together and created a range of shoots that were successful  

Original Image



These are my images that I produced by doing cut outs around the clothing and making it stand out and sellable, ghost photography is used for the fashion websites and clothing company’s would use to sell their clothing’s these either could be on websites or on billboards and magazines.

Edited Image


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