Specialist Studio Practice 3 (External opportunity) The Great British Deli

Edited Photo Shoots

Deli bar shoot

After photographing the deli shoot me and my colleague then went over the images to see how they have come out we then sat down and selected the best ones, we then edited them and re-corrected some of the adjustment.   

But then we looked back through all our shoots we weren’t pleased with the originals ones so then we re-edited all of our shoots, we started off with given the images a white back drop and cutting around the products using adobe photo shop.

I then selected all the images that we chose to keep and copied them all in to Photoshop and make sure they all got a white backdrop which then made it look very professional and gave it a great finished look which is what we wanted.  

We then spoke to the deli bar owner as this took us a few weeks to complete as we had deadlines and other jobs she was happy that we to get them whenever they were complete and she also mentioned that once she receives new stock she would like to get it sent to us so we can photograph it the in the studio using the correct lighting and having the right equipment and large space to work around.



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