Specialist Studio Practice 3 (External opportunity) The Great British Deli

Original Test shoot

The Great British Deli

Deli Pack shoots

I was contacted by a colleague to take part in a shoot which was at deli shop, the shop owner wanted to promote their goods on social media and website. I and a colleague collaborated together to photograph, as they was a range of products and foods that were to photograph we organised our work area and worked through eat product.

For the shoot we thought we would be shooting sandwiches and food that’s made for you to take away and eat however we missed understood through conversation and wasn’t told we would be doing pack shoots until we arrived at the place. It is a lesson to learn for next time, as we got there we only had two flashguns and camera, tripod but we did really have enough space to work around as it was a small deli shop.

We managed to create our space to photograph and create a range of shoots that the owner wanted these shoots were going to be used for a website and the owner’s social media accounts. As for not having a white backdrop we made use of what we had and made sure we used a plane white wall which did work well.

Overall I feel we successfully managed to create a range of shoots that the owner was happy with and we managed to solved the issues that we came across for the shoot.



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