Specialist Studio Practice 3 External opportunity – Wedding Photography

I was contacted by two couple to capture their wedding day which I was delighted to do. I was asked to shoot for five hours it was a paid job, I produced a range of shoots throughout the evening and made sure every moment throughout the day was captured most importantly the two couple and of their happiest day. After photographing I then sat down with the couple and selected their best picked image for the wedding album, as well as that I had two sets of image that I have placed the bottom half is the original set of images. And the first two rows are images that I edited as the couple requested to.

Overall I am very pleased with the set of images produced so were the newlyweds they were delighted with the outcome of the images.

Working within a professional environment, I photographed a wedding function, during these functions I have gained knowledge in how to photographs events and different occasions, as well as communicating and organising groups in order to photograph people, and learning skills which include how to photograph different settings. I have progressed socially and become more confident and experienced within how to use a range of techniques and photographing a large group of people. This is a great benefit in terms of working in a crowded environment having to photograph over 300 people within a day and in a space of a few hours, I feel I have increased experience surrounded by videographers and working in a professional atmosphere and reaching a professional standard. As for using photography equipment and having people coming up to you and communicating whilst you are photographing, I have learnt that multi-tasking is the key to networking.




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