Specialist Studio Practice 3 (External opportunity) Snap Sugar Catering event – Test Shoot 2

Specialist Studio Practice 3

External opportunity

Snap Sugar Catering event

As been part of a catering company and working alongside them, I was contacted to do range of shoots the following shoots were taken to be used for the catering company’s website page. As part of the catering company they was an event that the food was going to be given out to, I worked with food stylist that set up the food and presented it for the event.

My aim was to go around and make sure I capture every moment and make sure I capture the images of the food and making sure the food highly stood out which I was very happy with, after capturing the shoot I then edited the image and sent them off to the graphic designer matt who then edited the images for the company’s website.

Overall it was a great experience meeting chefs and stylist as it gave me an opened eye of what goes on behind the sense of food photography. I feel confidant within what to expect within the future when working with professional and knowing how to style food and how to make it look presentable.  Looking back at my shoot I feel happy with the range of shoots I have created and the different angle and range of viewpoints I have used in order to get a great shoot, this shoot has given me an open eye to how to shoot food to make it look appealing and eye catching.



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