Specialist Studio Practice 3 (External opportunities) Snap Sugar Catering event (Shoot 1)

Snap Sugar Catering

A job which provided great experience, In February 2016. Supporting my future ambitions as a commercial food photographer, I worked for a catering company called Sugar Snap who wanted to update the images on their website. The food I photographed was deli fresh food such as smoked salmon, and smoked red meat. It was all set up on a wooden platter, and I was told to capture the colour and freshness of the food, make it look appetising and appealing to the eye.

The client wanted a range of images that shows variety of food photography, it was our job to create as many shoots as we could. I had full permission to photograph the food as it had been set out, also to work around and restructure things if needs be. As they were professional food stylist that were making sure all food is set out correctly and well presented. This was a great experience as it given me great awareness in regards to health and safety with food and those who were surrounding the area in which the photographs were being taken and where the food was set up within a professional environment. Both graphic designer and the owner of the catering company were wanting me to make sure the images are professionally edited as they were going to be promoted on their websites.

Overall participating in an array of external opportunities has definitely got me ready to work in a professional industry, one of the most important things I would have needed for these jobs was communication and confidence which I have largely gained by doing these jobs. I feel I have gained greater knowledge and a better understanding by doing these jobs. Photography techniques such as using reflectors to bounce light back in to make the food look flawless, fresh and real but without the photo shopping, using different lights such as a honey comb, beauty dish and various different size soft boxes. During my time working in the studio and location I have learnt different techniques such as learning how to use a medium format camera and the capture one camera.


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