Specialist Techniques and process 3A – Final Evalutation of techniques and Process.

My aims for this semester was to explore a range of techniques and develop on them. My aim as a professional photographer was to explore within comfort food and how this is an impact on people. I then went out and produced a range of shoots in regard to comfort food, as doing a range of shoot I was asking people such as friends and family’s what they comfort food would be, in order for me to photography what they enjoy eating. I then did a range of research which showed what comfort food is and how everyone would have they own comfort food and what it means to them, I also learnt that a lot of people have a similarity when it comes to comfort food.

I then did a range of research looking a magazines images, and companies that are close by this was in order to get some work experience with them. This was so I could develop on my food photography and do find out what they options are to comfort food.

I began with doing my proposal on generation’s attitude towards food, I was not sure at the beginning of this but I went along with it and come to a stage where I was starting to struggle and run out of ideas about how I would be photographing these images. I didn’t feel a connection towards the title and was not sure whether to develop or weather to just stay and see how it goes.

However I thank had a group tutorial with my class and talked with my class mates about the issues I was coming across, as I was wanting support to develop and move on from this issue that I was facing. After speaking to my tutor and class friends I then was going to do my photography based on how food is made to look appealing however I felt that this was starting to go nowhere and I was having a break down as I  felt my project wasn’t moving on.

Taking a break and then going back to my project I then came up with an idea of comfort food, as I had been watching Jamie’s Oliver comfort food documentary, I felt as though I could relate to this and had thought that I could do something in relation to that but have it as I would want it. As been inspire to comfort food I felt I could connect to this and would be able to develop on this and have an understanding which I did and went along with doing comfort food.

From  then onward I spoke to my tutor and class mates and with their help and support I got further, information and help that would support me with my project which helped me very much. Overall I am very happy with my project and I feel as though my proposal makes great sense and I feel I have developed from this and progressed on this very much.


Outcome 1: Knowledge and Understanding

Within this outcome I feel I have met all the understanding of what was asked. I have collected a range of information which is strongly indicates what I have done. Within this outcome my desertion work relate to what I am doing within this project which I have located within this outcome. By developing on this project I have done critical research towards the project and  to develop I have looked in further to see how some of the reason may occur which show a clear understanding and greater knowledge in regards to my project proposal. Within this outcome I have also indicated a range of research which I have placed showing updated software’s and camera equipment that I must be aware about.


Outcome 2: Cognitive and Intellectual Skills

Within this outcome I have a range of information which shows health and safety towards how to keep your work safe as well as working within the professional industry. As I had a bad experience with a client in regard to photography I have also placed that within this outcome as it shows a clear critical understanding on how I overcame this issue. I also have a range of equipment that is relevant to each professional job as this is another case you much be aware of in the professional industry. Within this outcome I have also done a large amount of test shoots within the studio and developed on them, I have used a range of resources to gain experience and done research towards these. I have done planned guide which shows my planning of each shoots I have done within my project and for professional practice.


Outcome 3:  Practice and Professional Skills

Within this outcome I have shown a range of activity I have done and evinced, such as a range of contact sheets that show what kind of work I have done. I have done a range of shoots which are related and unrelated shoots within this project as it was a great experience and great way to develop my photography and experience within working in different genre within photography. I have a range of screen shoots showing how I sent my files to clients as well as organising my work and of how I work, I also have a range of screen shoots using various kinds of photography software’s. Within this I have class task, as well as proposal shoots and professional paid work which I have done.


Outcome 4:  Key Transferable Skills

I have managed to get myself a mentor which has very much supported me and helped me throughout my project, who I had met on a professional job and from then onwards has helped me to progress and provide feedback via phone. I have also started to apply for studio photography work and shown a range of emails that I have been sending to local photography companies who are located within my location. I also have spoken to people that are working within the professional industry who have given me some extremely great feedback which has really benefitted and supported me within my future plans.


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