Specialist Techniques and Process 3A – Final Best Practice Images

Final Selection of best Practice

Best practice Images.

Within these I have selected a range if Image to my best practice within these images I have used a range of techniques and skills in order to show my developments.

I have done a range of related and unrelated work, which shows my photography lighting techniques as I have used a range of lighting recourse for external and internal shoots.

Within this I have class task shoots which I have used as well as large functions such as wedding and events. As well as working within the professional industry and photographing for people to promote their business.

Overall I have very satisfied with the results of images I have produced and technique’s I have faced and using a range of photography equipment, that I have very much got familiar with to use within the long term.


Class Task – Studio shoots.


Date: 9th August 2015

Kad’s & Amina’s Wedding Day

Paid work.

Aim for this shoot was to photograph a wedding day of two couple I was contacted by the client and produce a range of images throughout the wedding day.





Date: 11th November 2015

Cake Business

Work experience

Aims for this shoot was to photograph a cake and some cupcakes. I was contacted by a client to photograph her cakes as she was starting a new business and was wanting me to produce a range of images which she will be using on a social media website to advertise.




5th December 2015


Work Experience

I was contacted from a make-up artists as she wanted to capture image of the day as she was given a tutorial to the class she wanted to me capture some images throughout the day.




22nd December 2015

Media Makeup – Group Task

Work Experience.

Aims for this shoot was a photograph the Media makeup group, as this was a task to collaborate with each other and produce a range of images.




12th November 2015

Yorkshire Education – Work Experience

Aims for this shoot was to shoot the Yorkshire Education events my aim was to go around and take images of the staff that was working and of the whole event throughout the afternoon.


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