Specialist Techniques and Processes 3A – Development on Proposal ‘Comfort F00d’

Comfort Food


Specialist Techniques and Process 3A 

For my project I will be exploring in ‘comfort food’, within this I will be exploring various kinds of food and issues that are related within ‘comfort food’. I want to explore in Commercial food photography and see how the media play a role in this.

‘Comfort Food’ there is a range of ways of ‘comfort eating which could be emotionally or it could be a happy occasion. I want to explore within this and see how people ‘comfort eat’ and when they do it most. Within this research will be exploring various kinds if meals that the public tend to have most and what it is that people like about ‘comfort eating’. Doing research on what it does to most people has made me aware of what to look out for within my work and how to get the public involved within my project.

Photographer: Henry Hargreaves, was a photographer who photographed the Death Row Prisoner’s last meals before dying. Looking at Henry work and seen how he photographed the prisoner’s last meals, this gave me an idea to what I am doing as my project is more narrowed down to people and what the like to eat as their ‘comfort food’. Henrys work showed that people got to choose their last meals it was a way of them to show what food they loved the most and it could have been their ‘comfort dish’. Within some of his dishes he had named the people and what their ages were as well as making notice of what was in the dish.

I will be getting people to fill in a questionnaire, this will be a way to find out what others enjoy eating. Everyone has their own taste when it comes to food especially people that enjoy ‘comfort eating’, this is a big issue that some people can be effected by.

Issue in Relation to my project:

What is comfort food, how often do people comfort eat and what is the meaning behind this.

Could media have a role in this such as adverting food and getting the public’s attention and a specific food, is ‘comfort’ eating a good thing. These are my issues in relation to my project and how they could be effective, which I will be exploring and doing further research towards.

Within my project I will be exploring and looking at other kinds of photographers such as Hilary Moore, and Jean Cazals photography. As looking at Hilarys work I am inspired towards her Classic and advertising photography work looking at her work has given me inspiration, and want to explore some of that work and re-create it in my own way through ‘comfort eating’.

Research advertising food photographers, none advertising food photographers I would be looking at food magazines alongside food shops that advertise food. Within this I will be looking at the still life inspired work and historical photographers.

Techniques within how I will be photographing: within food photography to make the food look appealing and eye catching, I will be using a range of techniques in order to get the best results. I will be photographing my project within the Studio and on location, within these shoots I will be making the food look attractive as well as using a range of other techniques which will help me make my images look eye catching. I would like my images to look like as seen on cooking magazines with a gloss look which will definitely get the public attention.

Within this I would be exploring a range of other foods and making them look presentable and eye catching no matter what the food is or what it looks like. I would be listen to the public and seen their views on food and what it means to them. As well as that I would be looking in to what they enjoy eating and doing a shot on the meal, but within the shoot I would be using various techniques in order to get an image that looks appealing.

My aim is to create images in an advertising way so they look appealing to the public as I would like my work to be seen in exhibitions as well as on magazines and websites.

My end users and target audience are companies that work within the advertising industry I would like to see my work within magazines, billboards or even advertised on the television. I would also like my work to be distributed within an exhibition as I would be great to see other people and the public to come and view my work and see their point of view to food advertising and what they things about food represented and advertised.








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