Specialist Techniques and Processes 3A – Proposal Shoot 9

Shoot 9


Contact sheet outcome 3

Canon: 600D

Canon Flashgun: 430EX ll


Canon Lens: 24 – 70

Canon Lens: 70 -300

Aims for this shoot was to do a range of shoot within the studio using the flash. I was wanting to lay out the chocolate buns in a range of way to get the right shoot as it is all about pin pointing within food photography I feel as though I have managed to successfully produce some shoots that I was happy with.

As this was a comfort food of a friend, I took the opportunity to buy the food and shoot it in a studio. I placed a matt on the surface and created arrange of shoots I then placed the food on a plate and did arrange of shoots on there to see which I feel look stronger I feel as though all the image have come out great and are very strong.

I wanted to create a shallow depth of field within some of the images which I feel I produced, I then mixed all the buns up and tried using a longer lens which meant standing fare out with the tripod to create the image I was wanting to achieve.

Using the soft box was a great advantage as it spread the lighting around the food which gave a great structure on my final images, I feel as though I could continue shooting a range of food but using the same techniques.

Overall I am very satisfied with the images that I have produced the lighting on them was just as I was wanting to achieve alongside using the white card in front was great as it bounced the lighting back in on the food which showed great details on the food. My next aim is to go through my project images and start putting them together as I am happy with the range of images that I have produced, I then will be selecting the strongest with great exposure and lighting.


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