Specialist & Techniques & Process 3A -Strength and weakness Development updates

Specialist & Techniques & Process 3A

Strength and Weaknesses Development’s

Within my strength and weaknesses I have done a development plan of my skills based toward my photography is shows an overall structure what I have improved on and what I could carry on improving within my photography. Reviewing my previous Strength and weakness draft shows that they has been a greater development me as myself feels as though that they has been a great improvement and I have learn some new skills which have benefited me within my career and have gave a thought that I could carry on focusing on the Weakness and try to make them a strength.



Well organised

Great time structure

Team player

Can work in demanding jobs

Collaborating with the public in a great manner

Working in professional environment

Achieving goals

Achieving goals within a short period of time.

Constructive towards any jobs

Confidant within using photography facilities within a professional environment.

Having an opener idea and devolvement research towards proposal.



Development towards finding a carer towards my career path

Become familiar to the photography industry and promote my work.

Building a boned with clients.




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