Specialist Techniques and Processes 3A – Media Makeup Shoot (External Opportunities)

Media Makeup Shoot (External Opportunities)

Professional Practice – Outcome 3

Aims for this shoot was to collaborate within a large group and photograph the Media makeup group from the first year. This was a great opportunity as we all together and shoot the students who did their makeup on each other, as they were not professional models and normal students it was our job to make sure they are comfortable as possible.

Setting lighting and metering, we all as a group mad sure the lighting was set correctly and made sure it looks the same as we shot for two day and the lighting had been moved over night so it was our job to make sure it was placed in the right place.

We photographed for two day and within our groups as photographer we had divided the shoots between who’s which meant that we all get the same amount of shoots. We all worked together and collaborated and took part in every task and made sure everyone was helped and made sure they shoots are looking good and are at high quality and the focus points correct on all images.

we got all the information we needed from the students as they all wanted their images as they had deadlines coming up, we than got every model and makeup artist to write their emails after the shoots with their names and the makeup they had as this would have made it easier to get their work to them. after the whole shoot had been completed we than sat in a group and choose the images we thought that had come out best then then saved them on to another file where then were zipped in a file and sent to the Makeup artist tutor for their assessment.

I sent my images to the artist’s and they did mention that they would credit me for them I also mentioned to them I would be watermarking them as a result to show who they were taken by as they were going to be used for their social media accounts as this would be a great opportunity for my work to be seen by others.

Overall I feel it was a great successful shoot I manage to get four different shoots which I was pleased with. I feel it was a great opportunity to collaborate with other members and help them to develop on their work and it was an advantage for all of us as the media makeup wanted to get their work published and we wanted to show our photography skills and make the public aware of our work.



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