Specialist Techniques & Process 3A Model Shoot Testing Lighting

Model Shoot – Unrelated context work

Experiment Using: octabox  & Softbox  Lighting


Canon 650D


This was a shoot that was an arranged by a colleague and I was given the opportunity to shoot the model in a range of lighting and develop from it which was a great opportunity.

I feel I got some great shoots with range of test shoots using different lightings I used were octabox & Soft box Lighting. This was a great task as I experimented using both lightings together and then trying to use the Octabox itself which I felt didn’t work as well without the soft boxes on either sides.

I tested all lighting and made sure they were all correct and put my aperture to F16 which was perfect and I felt the lighting was perfect and was just as the model wanted and was very pleased with the images that I produced.

It was a great opportunity to work in a professional environment and work with various kinds of lighting. My aim was to have the backdrop bleached out but not too much as I wanted the image to look realistic, as on some image’s I reduced the lighting on the soft boxes to make the backdrop standout and to be seen which I felt worked. Looking at the lighting and the way it was on the model I feel it has worked great and shows great details, my aim to show the lighting to flow in but on one side of the face and to make the other side look under exposed which I felt has worked great.


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