Specialist Techniques & Process 3A Proposal Test Shoot 6

Project development shoot

Shoot 6

Contact sheets – Outcome: 3

Aims for this shoot was to produce a shoot on location and try to show an environment where people would eat their comfort food. Within this shoot I went a bit further and produced some behind the scene images as this would have shown a the food uncooked and then been cooked. I started of shooting the food as it was frozen I then rearranged the food on to a round place and spread the food around to make it look eye catching and then did a range of shoots whilst it was cooked.

I feel as though the shoot was a great success and I feel I have produced some satisficing shoots. Lighting for this shoot my aim was to produce using natural lighting and capturing images of the food which would show further details of it and it’s a technique that you must develop on as within food photography it’s a great advantage to use natural lighting.

I feel I have achieve some results that would fit great as my final. But I would be doing further more shoots of food using natural lighting as I feel I could develop from this and take it further.

Overall all I am satisfied with my images, my next aim is to produce some further images using natural lighting. Within this I will be doing location shoots using natural lighting as I am happy with the images produced.


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