Specialist Techniques & Process 3A (5/4 Toyo Camera) [Rescanned Negatives]

5/4 Toyo Camera Negatives Scanned.

Rescanned Negatives

Original Images [Not Retouched]

Aims from this task was to develop from the, 5/4 Toyo camera shoot I captured. Over all the shoot was a great achievement as I produced some great shoots.

Once I developed my negatives I gave a 24hours before scanning them, I then scanned them once they were ready looking at my images I had one which was great where as the other one was the same the lighting was great and I managed to achieve the results I was wanting.

I then had an issue as my colleagues eye was closed on one of the images which I was wanting to solve. I than opened both image son photo shop and edited them, as I used different apertures on both images as one was F11 and the other was shoot at F16. As this camera was a large format camera which was beneficial to be and helped me solve the issue by coping the lay of the eyes and then coping them on to the original eye but then which meant I needed to open the Levels tool to reduce the exposures and make the image look as one.

Overall this was a way to solve a problem that I had faced which was great as it gained me awareness towards how to overcome this issue of I am to face this again for professional usage.

Outcome 2/3

Contact sheets are placed in folder (outcome 3)






Edited Images – CS6 Adobe Photoshop 2014.


CS6 Adobe Photoshop Retouched Negative. 5/4 Toyo camera Rescanned IMAGE 1



CS6 Adobe Photoshop Retouched Negative. 5/4 Toyo camera Rescanned IMAGE 2





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