Specialist Techniques & Process 3A [Professional Practice]

Professional Practice – Unrelated context of work – external

Outcome 2/3

Wedding Photography – Paid work

I was contacted by a client in regards doing a wedding shoot which I arranged with the client and talked about what they were expecting from the wedding photography package.

  • Finished edited images
  • Wedding Album
  • USB with all 2.00 images.

As from previous experience I was comfortable with using my flashgun within various situations.I feel as though I have produced a great range of images that have worked great the lighting has also worked great and I feel as though I have achieved what the clients was expecting.

Within this wedding I was working in various kinds of rooms so making sure the lighting was accurate, because in some situations the lighting could be over exposed so it was impotent to make sure the lighting and aperture was correct.

The flashgun was very helpful as I bounced it on the celling to make sure the exposure come out correct which I feel it worked very well as if I was to shoot the flash direct on the face it would have been harsh lighting. I used a diffuser which was a very helpful tool as it spreads the lighting and bounces of the celling to give the great exposure.

Overall I am very happy with the final result of the images as I feel I have great exposure and a great structure of the images which also have been edited but still look great as the lighting as worked great alongside all of the images. Communication and collaborating with others within wedding environments is very impotent which I feel I have achieved and created a great album for the client as they are very happy with the finished look.



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