Specialist Techniques & Process 3A Proposal Test shoot 5

Outcome 3

Shoot 5

Within this shoot my aim was to develop from my pervious shoot and make it different. I used a range of lighting and a soft box as I was wanting the lighting within the images to not be too strong.

I set the food out in a range of ways but couldn’t construct what layout I was aiming to achieve so I carried on with pin pointing and developing from that, I had finally come up with a structure that was beginning to work. But the great thing as this shoot was that I pin pointed as this is a very important task within food to make sure the results come out great.

The lighting was great as I feel I had no issue with it and I have managed to produce shoot that I am happy with. This comfort food was chosen by a friend as they liked and I offered to shoot the food that they enjoy eating as this may not be every cup of tea but every individual has their own taste in food.

Overall this was a great shoot I feel I have achieved the results I was aiming to achieve. The layout and the set of the images is just as it was coming up to Christmas I was wanting to create a Christmas theme which I feel I have gained.

My next task is to continue shoot and develop on my comfort food and get more people involved and see what kind of food they like.



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