Specialist Techniques & Process 3A [Summer Shoot]

Professional Practice – Unrelated context of work – external

Outcome 2/3

I was contacted by a family friend who was wanting family day out photography work doing as this was paid work I took the opportunity to take part.

As I arranged with the client what they would like me to produce and what I will be selling. Over all my aim was to do a range of images of the family day out as I feel it was a great task for me as I got to experience taking images using nature lighting which was very interesting as usually I would have a flashgun on but it wasn’t needed on this occasion.

Overall I feel as though I provided some great quality images for the client. I manged to get the images edited and to the client as they were very happy with all the images and were wanting to buy all of them.

Unrelated context of work – external

As this was an unrelated shoot to my usual I feel as though it was a great project and I feel I gained a lot of experience and made me aware of what I could to relate this kind of image to my work, as nature lighting is a big advantage.


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