Specialist Techniques Process 3 Test Shoot Problem Solving

Aim for this shoot was to do some test shoots using the studio lighting within this we were experimenting various kinds of test shoot we could produce within a group.

Health and safety – Problem solving/ Outcome 2/3

Before starting the shoot we went around and made sure all lighting is set correctly and is in working order. However they was an issue with one of the flash’s as it wasn’t hooked on correctly on the stand, as then me and my teammate got together and made sure it was placed on correct. After facing an issue like that we then went around the studio and made sure all lighting is on correct and wouldn’t affect others or our photography work.

I have image which shows the layout of the set, and how I was shooting I had two soft boxes on either side alongside a beauty dish at the front. Within this shoot I created various kinds of focal lengths and was testing the aperture, as this was a great opportunity to get in to the studio and experience these kinds of tasks for the upcoming jobs he at booked.

I feel I have learnt from this shoot and know how to using a different lens without an issue as this was one of my aim and I feel I have gained great knowledge. Within this task we also used two different cameras as this was a great opportunity to gain experience using a various kinds of cameras and gain experience from using them.

Looking at job sites and studios around the UK, within most studios you must use the studio equipment and by doing this task I feel I have gained the knowledge using full frame camera and known full frame cameras.

Overall this was a great opportunity as I gained a range of experience using different lens and working on various kinds of apertures within this, alongside using a full framed camera as well as using the Canon 650D which isn’t a full framed. I am happy with the shoots that I have produced and feel I have achieved something from this shoot.









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