Specialist Techniques & Process 3A Proposal Test Shoot 4

Outcome 3

Within this shoot my aims were to create a warm comforting image as I related to my project. My aims were to do a range of shoots and see how my shoots work on location as I have done them before but I felt as though I needed to develop and try to using flash where it would be required.

Items that I shoot were of a choice of a friend as I gave them a request to choose a comfort food that they enjoy the most and I would then photograph it in a way where they would have this food or where they would like it to be seen.

As for these image when looking they have a Christmas them within the background and a load of colours which meant that the person that had bought this food like to see this kinds of food at parties and happy occasions. Within this shoot it was my aim to make sure I aim point on the food that I am capturing and make sure that everything within the image looks right as with food photography you could discover issues with the smallest things.

As I was shooting on location I was wanting to use lighting as it had gone later in to the day and I was unable to include daylight within my images. I set my flash on wireless as this gave me advantage to place the camera anywhere where the light would be right and also an opportunity to bounce the lighting on the celling this then gave me a chance to focus more on toward the product itself that I was shooting.

Overall this shoot was a great success as I developed on a range of skills such as using the flash on wireless using wireless triggers which made my image look classy and stand out instead of having strong lighting within my images.



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