Specialist Techniques & Process 3 Propsal shoot 3

Company Business name: Cake spectation  

Outcome 3/4

Professional Practice

I was contact by a clients in regards to photographing there Cakes that they make and sell. Within this they were expecting a range of images that would be suitable to put on to their social media websites.

Before starting the shoot I sat down with the client and discussed information in regards what kind of images they would like and how they plan to lay there images out, we also talked about using a range of backgrounds but the client wasn’t sure about using a range of backdrops.

Within this shoot my aims where to make sure I meet the customers target as this shoot was at a location it was in my hands to make sure that I use the correct lighting in order to get the best images.

Planning as this was a location shoot it was important that I have my equipment ready as you don’t know what to expect when doing external work. I made sure I took my Flash, Triggers, and tripod, as well as my camera and extra cards for backup.  

It did come across few issue but then I managed to solve them, my issue was when I placed the flash on top of the camera and took shoots of the products my images would come out yellow as this was not working very well I tried bouncing the light on the celling as this was still not successful. I than unassembled the flashgun from the camera and then tried doing some shoots by placing the flash on the work surface after doing a view shoots using the flash on wireless my images began to come out as I wanted which was a great success and I managed to complete the job at the clients place.

Over all the job was a great success as I managed to develop from the issues that I came across and successfully achieved high quality images that my client was wanting. After completing the shoot and making sure the customer receives the, they mentioned that they would book me in future for more photography as they are newly opening their business and would want further work.



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