Specialist Techniques & Process 3 (Education Yorkshire Event Shoot)

(Educated Bradford/ Yorkshire  Event Shoot)


For this shoot I was given a conference Job to shoot for educated Yorkshire which took place on the 12th November 2015 in the David Hockney building at Bradford College. I was asked to shoot images that will be placed on to a website which will be used to promote conference business for the future.

Has we started in the afternoon we had other colleagues that had been in and shoot various kinds of shoots so me and my team was asked to go around and do a simpler kind of thing but try to focus on big groups and of people communicating. I was asked to shoot without a flash and go around and get as much shoots as I could I got few portrait and some group shoots of people communicating I also got a shoot were I managed to get people walking around on the day and seen what was offered.

We also had to work within the different environments as some areas of the building didn’t have much lighting where as other areas around the building had more lighting so working in different lighting and changing the settings at the right time was important. Within this shoot we needed extra battery just in case I need it and I also had my flash and soft box just in case I needed to use it for a conference. Over all everything went well as my aim was to go around without getting in the way of anyone else and capture images.

After shooting the images I edited them and made sure the lighting was set as needed and sent them to my tutor. I feel as though it was a successful day and I do think I managed to capture the image as were set and what I was asked to shoot.







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