Specialist Techniques & Process 3 (Proposal Food Photography Shoot 2)

(Test Shoot 2)

Aims for this shoot was to create images of represented food which I feel was great I set up in a different plate which was round and I organised the plate by placing the food as I was wanting and then I placed it near the window as my aim was to have natural lighting as well as flash gun lighting added.

I created a range of shoots I started off with natural lighting and then I moved on to using the flash I feel as though my shoots came out great with the flash and added an extra light and as well as that my images had more colour meaning the colour stood out well with the flash.

With the flash I set it on wireless by attaching my wireless triggers and with this I placed my flash anywhere where I though best alongside that I also had a reflector which added lighting back in to the image which worked great and added extra texture to the image and food. Using the reflector brought the lighting back in to the image and made the whole image stand out more which is what I was looking for.

My next aim is to do a shoot in the studio using the studio lighting and see what kind of a result I could achieve from that. Overall I feel this shoot was a great success and I have manged to create a range of images that I feel would work out well. I have set a date of when I will be visiting the studio and do a shoot using the studio lighting this was I feel I would have a greater idea of what kind of images I would like my final images to look like.

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