Specialist Techniques & Process 3 Phase one Photoshop Group Collage (Inspired by Calvin Klein)

Phase one Photoshop Group Collage (Inspired by Calvin Klein)

Aims for the task to do a group collage within our group we set up the studio and put two reflectors on each side and set up the back lighting and made sure it was balance when the shutter is realised. We then stood in the spot from the tallest to the shortest to get a test of how everyone while fit in the frame.

Within this task we used the phase one cameras which went we had to make sure everyone fits in to the frame as it’s a square frame and would be important to make sure everyone is seen in order to complete the group collage.

Within this task we had to do a movement to show that we are interacting with each other so while we were capture each other we had to act as though we were either talking or laughing to each other or the next person from us.

Once the shoot was completed we then choose the best 10 image which we felt was in focus and worked well once the selection was done we then all were asked to copy the image and make a collage to our own ability and see them once completed. We were given a choice to do them in black and white or to keep it to its original colour. I did my collage I colour and I also did one in black and white to give a difference between both and gives you an open view of which you would like best once placed together.

These images show a setup of us getting ready to set up after completing the setup we then stood in a row in order to know who is going to go first and who is going to be going last over all I feel as though it was a great task and we all worked together well and completed the task correctly.


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