Specialist Techniques & Process 3 (Medium Format Vs Comparing toyo 5/4 camera) [Problem Solving]

Toyo 5/4 camera – Medium format camera.

Aims for this task was to compare both kits Toyo 5/4 with the Medium format camera overall I feel as though the results were great on both how over I feel as the Toyo 5/4 camera quality was stronger.

With the Toyo 5/4 you must be still once getting your photograph taken as if you even move a little it will chose shake or the image will not come out right. If you look at my Toyo 5/4 Neg you can tell one has come out right but on the other my colleague blinked whilst I pressed the shutter and it has come out. But overall I feel as though the lighting was great and the quality was strong as expected which I am happy with.

Looking at the medium format camera I feel as though it gave a great strong finish to the image the image was very sharp but that overall depends on how you focus if you haven’t focused the image correctly they is a chance it will not come out as expected.

Problem Solving

I had an issue with using the scanner whilst trying to scan my negatives so I will be revisiting this session as my images that I scanned haven’t come out very well where as the actual negatives were very clear and easy to see but once I scanned the image it came out as not expect as I had a colleague and they scanned there but looking at both they was a big difference so I would be rescanning my images again to get the results I need.

Overall I feel as though I was a great group task as we got to work in a team and using a range of equipment. I feel as though the Toyo 4/5 was a great results looking at my negatives I feel as though the image was very clear and sharp as I expected and it gave great details which I feel I very important in photography as details are important in photography.



Medium Format


Within this task I used Adobe Photo shop as I feel my images were not as clear as expected, my aim was to clear the images up to make them look presentable but my aim is to rescan my negatives again and see what kind of a result I achieve.


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