Specialist Techniques & Process 3 – Location & Architecture Photography

Location & Architecture Photography

Architecture:  within this task we visited the New I.C.T Bradford College. Within this task our aim was to work in a professional environment and photograph architecture within this task we had to use a tripod which went we had to make sure everything is levelled and looks straight not only this. Within this task we had to photograph the interior and the exterior of the building within architecture you have to make sure you photograph the interior in the right way such as if you photographing a lecture room or a café are you must make sure you are levelled and lower the tripod to the length were everything is seen at a straight angle and is easily to be seen not only that but you must make sure you make chairs or tables that make me in the room within the image not half of out of the image which won’t look good.

First we begun we shooting within the studio we set up the cameras on the tripods and did few examples within the studio as I have uploaded some this was to show how you would capture an interior of a building by lowering the image it brings in all the items around the room in to the image and by bringing it to the level of the furniture of the room improves peoples way of looking at the image as it’s bought to eye level and easier for the person to see.

I have added some images within the building that are took by using the tripod and a level to make sure everything is equal. Within architecture and working inside the building you are allowed to move to furniture around this is important to add all the important details within the image. After completing the task I took some shoots using the camera without the tripod which was great as you get to use various angles that you feel best and work out great which would really work out for architecture as this is about making sure everything is levelled and all details are seen correctly within the image.

Overall I feel I had a great task and learnt some great experience shooting interior and exterior of building. Overall I am happy with the images and I feel they have great detail and would work for architecture photography.


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