Specialist Techniques & Process 3 Comparing Phase one Vs Toyo 5/4 Camera & 5D mark ii with Nikon 700 vs Canon 650D

Comparing Phase one Vs Toyo 5/4 Camera


5D mark ii with Nikon D700 vs Canon 650D

Aim for this task was to use a several cameras digital and none digital, as well as this we was asked to compare and talk about which equipment worked better for us and what we thought which camera would be great to use in the long term run.

Using all the different cameras I feel they all gave a good results but looking at the two canons even though they are very different from each other felt they gave a simpler look by this I mean the colour finish on both camera was very simpler and was very flat as it didn’t bring the colours out of the model wearing the clothes they just did pop out. The Canon 5D mark ll and the Canon 650D are very simpler as the 5D ll two as a sharper quality within the image but the final result of the image I felt looked very simpler once was seen on the PC screen.

Comparing the Canon to the Nikon D700 I feel that gave a great result and worked very well for every shoot even though we tested it out from the highest aperture to the lowest the quality of image was great and it was sharp and let the colours stand out as much as it could.

We also did a task using the Phase one and the Toyo 5/4 camera which I think was a great task as it gave me the opportunity to look at other cameras. The finished result was great on both camera especially looking at the Phase one camera we shoot on Raw with all camera and looked at all of them one by one but I personally felt that the Phase one Camera was very sharp and brought a lot out which I thought was amazing.

I had some Issue with trying to get the results of the Toyo 5/4 Camera as the scanner didn’t scan the images as expected but I will be revisiting that and trying to scan them and see what kinds of a result the give looking at the Negative I feel it has given a great finish it looks sharp and really strong. My aim was to scan the image and then evaluate it.

I have done further research looking at various cameras as I am looking to upgrade and move on to a full framed camera I have done some research on the Canon 5DS and 5DS R. I personally like the Canon 5D S R which is very sharp and crystal clear which is what I am looking for within a camera and I feel if would work perfect for my Still life Food photography work. Research in Outcome 1 in folders.

Overall using all the cameras I feel it was a great experience and I gave me an idea of what to look out for within a camera and know what I am looking for if an issue like this comes up. Overall if I was to choose a camera I would say it would be the Nikon D700 full framed camera as it is very sharp and contrast and colours work perfectly on it and that is what I look for within a camera, as well as the Phase one as that has simple quality’s. But further research I felt as though the Phase one would cost more as well as buy more lenses would be very expensive.



Toyo 5/4 Camera


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