Specialist Techniques & Photoshop Group Collage (Inspired by Calvin Klein)

Group shoot edited and put together by Wasim Hasan

Shoot Inspired by Calvin Klein

Aims for the task were to create a collage from the following task we had which was a capture a range of images of our class colleagues after taking the images using the phase one camera.

Our next aim was to edit all the image and place all the portraits together not only we were asked to put the images together as they are we had to arrange them in to order from the tallest and shortest next to each other we then had to try and act like we are interacting with each other so once the collage is put together it would look as though the image natural was taken like that.

I then placed all the RAW images on adobe and edited everyone image and take it away from its background by cutting around it over all it was a difficult task as you must be careful when cutting around as you could cut of part of the clothing or add the background in which would look good as it would overlay on another image.

I did manage to complete cutting around the image and placing them altogether which I personally think work out really well and I feel as though I have achieved my aim that I was wanting to achieve.

Overall I feel though I have met all the aims of the task and I have completed the collage without any difficulty’s coming in the way. I have recreated an collage with the same images but this time I tried to relate and focus it more towards the lighting that reflected on each person what I did was reorganised the portraits again by trying to match the lighting that was left on each person so If someone’s shoulders where under exposure as the lighting dropped off, I placed a person next to them that had darker clothing which would match it and make it look realistic.


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