Specialist Techniques & Process 3 (Proposal Food Photography Shoot 1)

Proposal Shoot 1

Aims for this shoot was to capture food in an appealing way to others I set up the food in a presentable way and made it look eye catching which I feel I was successful in and I feel happy with the layout which is the main part of the shoot.

I used natural lighting as I believe food needs a natural look to it to bring the image out. Most important thing that would matter is the presentation of the image and how you set it up. I also used a reflector which is another great tool to use and it adds extra lighting which brings out the image which I feel worked out well.

After doing some shoots without some lighting I added my flash gun light on wireless and placed it fare out as I was on F/ 2.8 I was looking for that great depth of field and want things around the plate to drop out and just have the make part of the dish in which I personally think work out really well.

My next aim is to continue shooting and see what I could get out of my shoot I would like to add some lighting within my image so I will be using my flash and see what results I get. But overall I am very happy with the shoot and I feel as though it has worked but I would like to add some lighting in for my next shoot.

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