Specialist Techniques & Process 3 Question based on Project

Is food represented to look appealing within advertising?

I have created a list of issues that are used within representing food photography and how things have changed within the coming years and how social media has a big impact within it and how it changes the way you see food photography.

I have done a list of questions that I could relate to within my project and questions that I could look back and reflect on and do further investigation on and see how I could find out further information by communicating people out side and the general public to see there few on how food photography is changing and how it is represented to look good.

  1. Does Media take a big impact within food photography?
  2. Are chefs a big influence to the public?
  3. Is social media a big impact to the food photography
  4. Is food photography seen as deceiving?
  5. Does the context change the atmosphere of whole image within food photography
  6. Has editing software made a big impact to the food photography industry?
  7. Does the public rely on chef’s work?
  8. Is the social media influencing the world with the food photography work?
  9. Is the social media a big advantage?
  10. What would the public to without social media?
  11. Does cooking books that are published by chefs help the public to present the same dishes?
  12. Are chefs a advantage or a disadvantage to the public?
  13. What would the public do without chefs and restaurants?
  14. How does the editing software make an impact to food photography?
  15. Are all the editing software’s made to make food photography look good?
  16.  What would the media do without editing software’s?
  17. Is social media used more to look at food photography?
  18. Is social media used to find out how to cook food?
  19. Are cooking books used more or the internet to get instructions on how to cook food?
  20. Are all food photography dishes made by chefs healthy?

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