Specialist Techniques and Process 3 DRAFT 3

Specialist Techniques and Process 3 DRAFT 3

Specialist Techniques & Process 3

Is food represented to look appealing within advertising!

For my proposal I want to explore and create images for advertising food photography I want to explore within food photography and how the media plays a big part in the food we eat and how we see it and how we choose certain foods to eat because of the way it looks.

My aim is to create appealing food as it is seen on advertising magazines and as seen on the television I would like to do a range of foods that is advertised that would appeal to the public and food that they would see advertised. My aim is to look at stores that sell food and that advertised quite often such as M&S as they food as really influent me I would like to get in contact with Hilary Moor as she is the Food Photographer that has captured some amazing mouth-watering images that have made a big impact to the public and have made them aware that M&S sell a variety of delicious food.

I would also be looking at chef’s works and they style of food that they create and I will also be looking at how the social media and the general public are influenced by what they see and how they represent chefs work. Within this my aim is to shoot the glamorous food but also see were all the talent is coming from which is from all the chefs around the world. I will also be contacting chefs and restaurants and try to capture some of their amazing food.

Within this project I have few issues that I will be doing further research to find out how they have effect the representation of food. Has media made a big impact of food photography my other issue would be are chefs a big influence to the public. And has the social media made a big impact to food photography and is food photography seen to be deceiving. And my other two issues are does the context change within food photography and has the editing software made a big impact to the food photography industry.

My research will include advertising food photographers, none advertising food photographers I would be looking at food magazines alongside food shops that advertise food. Within this I will be looking at the still life and the historical side of food photography. My aim is to look at various kinds of techniques within the project as for when I am shooting my work I would like to be using various kind if lighting to make my food look appealing.

To get further information about what the public’s response is to food represented and looking appealing I will be creating a questionnaire and contacting various kinds of photographers and food artists that have greater knowledge about food represented and made to look good.

Photographing: my aim is to shoot my still life within a studio environment using various kinds of lightings and techniques to make my food look appealing and meet the standards of how you would see it within a magazine or advertised on the television. Within my shoots I will be using various kinds of props such as dishes and boards that will make my food stand out and appeal to the public.

My end users and target audience are companies that work within the advertising industry I would like to see my work within magazines, billboards or even advertised on the television. I would also like my work to be distributed within an exhibition as I would be great to see other people and the public to come and view my work and see their point of view to food advertising and what they things about food represented and advertised.


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