Specialist Techniques & Process 3 – Comparing Photography Kit

Specialist Techniques & Process 3

Comparing Photography Kit

Comparing using Canon 5D Mark ll & Nikon D700 and the Canon 650D

Within the task our aim was to work as a group and compare the different SLR cameras and see the difference between them. Within the group we all took turns with been in a shoot and tested all three cameras from the highest aperture to the lowest we kept all of the cameras at a 200 ISO as we had some technical issues with the Canon 5D with trying to get a lower ISO.

We shoot on the cameras and then removed the SanDisk card and placed it on the computer as it it’s a larger screen and you can see the details clearly.

We set up the studio and in three different sections this is to make it easier for each group to shoot on all three cameras. We had a CANON 5D Mark ll, Canon 650D and the NIKON D700.Overall the cameras shoot great as all the lighting setting was the same but when put altogether every cameras image looked different from each other.

Personally looking at all the Canon Images altogether I can tell they all look very similar the two different apertures we used were F4-F22 personally I felt the Nikon gave a good finished look to the image as it added that extra lighting even though everything was on the same setting as the Canon and within this it also gave that extra detail of the clothing and made it look very clear.

Reviewing the Canon 650D that also gave a slit look of that lighting and could look like the image as taken on the Nikon but it had a slit look of grey in it were as the Nikon didn’t give a grey look it had more of a colour took it but when you look at the Canon it showed a grey image which didn’t show much lighting to it.

Canon 5D Mark ll: reviewing the image from the 5D mark ll and comparing them to the Nikon I felt as though the Nikon won as it gave greater detail and the texture on the image was clear to be seen and the lighting pops out and gives that extra look were as the Canon doesn’t really show that it shows a grey and a under exposed look even though the setting was the same. I also did try using a lower Aperture from F4 to F22 but I didn’t really think that worked as I though it may change the lighting of the image and make the whole image stand out.

I am a canon user and I enjoy using it compared to the Nikon as I feel Nikon body are expensive compared to the lens where are the canon lens are easier to buy and function. Using the Nikon I did eventually used to it but for long term I think I would find it difficult to get used to as they are way too many function which you have to get to know about and make sure you use them whenever needed where as the Canon is quite easier and simpler to use especially when you have a busy event or a conference to attend with me I would feel it would be easier to use and function around with but that would be the same for people that use to Nikon it all depends on how long you have used a camera for and which you feel is best.


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