Specialist Techniques and Process 3 – Strength and Weaknesses 3rd Year

Specialist Techniques and Process 3 

Strength and Weaknesses

3rd Year

Starting 3rd has made me think and reflect on my strengths and weakness as this is my final year I would like to take my time out and go through my weaknesses and improve them before leaving as this is what will help me once I have left.


  • Good time management
  • Team player
  • On time
  • Confidante and relaxed when working as a team
  • Great with communicating
  • Ability to use various kinds of photography equipment


  • Get nervous very easily
  • Panic when put on the spot
  • Finding people that relate to what my projects about
  • Working in a professional environment with full confidence
  • Having confidence for my work
  • Opening up to new people

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