Specialist Techniques and Process 3 Generational attitude towards food Draft 1

Generational attitude towards food

My aim is to capture images that discover the difference between generation’s attitude with food and what each generation prospect is to food.

I will be exploring in various kinds of question that I have put together I have twenty two questions which I have written I will be choosing three to five out of them that mostly relate to me and which I think would be more important based on my subject.

Within this project I will be looking at how different generations enjoy their food meal and what kinds of food each generation prefer to eat. As all generations from the elderly to the younger one have their own specific taste in food. Some households don’t enjoy the food that would be prepared within the house and they may take the second option and eat from out.

3-5 chosen questions:

  1. What is it that the younger generation don’t like about the elderly generation food?
  2. Why do the elderly generation think their food is good for you?
  3. Why do the younger generation find homemade food boring?
  4. What is the difference between eating from home or out?
  5. How is the bad food effecting the newer generation?
  6. What do the elderly generation think about takeout foods?

My aim is to shoot my images within the studio as I feel it would be great as I would have the control of the lighting and I could choose how I want my images to be represented.

Photographer’s work that has inspired me:

  • Jean cazals


  • Marcus Nilsson


  • Anna Belle Breaky Photography


The following links are of some photographer’s work that has inspired I would like my final images to look like this but more studio based.

Target audience?


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