Specialist Techniques & Process 3 Professional Mugshot!

Professional Mugshot

Within this shoot I used natural lighting and a 135mm lens which is used to focus on a chosen subject in this case which was my face the image had to be taken by me which I then put a 20 second time which gave me enough time to get in the shoot.

Canon 650D

5000 ISO



Shoot: RAW File

I shoot these images on RAW as this would keep the images quality stronger and as time goes on and the image is used the quality of the image will stay the same. As JPG images have a lower quality and as time goes on and you open the file the quality of the Image files reduces.

Here are the settings that I used to create the mugshots overall I think the shoot was a great and I am happy with the images that I took and feel that they would represent me. I did have difficulty finding the right background that would relate to me which was food, but I did find a different background which I felt would work out well.

Overall the shoot was a great success I have met my needs as the images are used for the staff room which they would use for student records alongside with the students image. As not all members of staff would know all the students within the photography department.

The image that I will be selecting will be the one in the red background the reason to that is as I feel that it is stronger and shows me as a person and I feel represents me well.


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