Specialist Techniques & Process 3 Generation’s attitude with food! NEW UPDATE!

For my project I will be exploring the difference between the younger and the elderly generation and see how they enjoy their food. As they elderly generation enjoy their food that they have eat in the past and they think that it is good for them and their health were as the younger and the newer generation have a different prospect towards eating various food.


  1. Why do the elderly generation think their food is good for you?
  2. What has made the younger generation separate from the elderly generations food?
  3. What is it that the younger generation don’t like about the elderly generation food?
  4. Do the younger generation think it’s easier and better to get takeout food?
  5. Why do the younger generation find homemade food boring?
  6. Do people get bored of the food that is regularly made at home?
  7. What is the difference between eating from home or out?
  8. Does the food that you eat at home make you control your weight?
  9. Is takeout food an obsession for the newer generation?
  10. Do the younger generation think food isn’t as important?
  11.  Does every culture have a dish that they think is part of the religion culture?
  12. Is takeout food a form of socializing for the newer generation?
  13. Do you think if the younger generation continue eating takeout food could affect the society?
  14. Do you think the younger generation will improve and try to make changes to the health and for others?
  15. Do all cultures have a favourite dish that they may often make when celebrating?
  16. Does the takeout food effect the newer generation?
  17. How is the bad food effecting the newer generation?
  18. Do all elderly generations in different cultures have a dish that they enjoy eating or is it only some?
  19. Do the elderly enjoy cooking and making food at home?
  20. Why do they enjoy making homemade food?
  21. What do the elderly generation think about takeout foods?
  22. Are all homemade dishes good for you?
  23. Is they anything that the younger generation may enjoy eating from home?
  24. Why does the younger generation prefer food from out than homemade food?

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