Specialist Techniques and Process 3 – Questions Based on choosen subject!

Questions Based on choosen subject!

  • Why do people that are upset eat more?
  • Food is very important for people that like comfort eat?
  • Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day?
  • Should junk food be banned?
  • What actually is they in junk food that makes it unhealthy?
  • Why is it junk food taste so good compare to healthy food?
  • Why unhealthy food is advertised as healthy but actually is unhealthy?
  • How did fast food became unhealthy
  • Why is oily food so unhealthy?
  • What would the world do without junk food & takeaways and restaurant?
  • Why is healthy food expensive?
  • Why is unhealthy food so cheap to buy?
  • What is it in the junk food that makes people enjoy it so much?
  • Why eat bad food knowing its unhealthy
  • Radley available?
  • Away of socializing with friends and family?
  • Is it more of a treat
  • People don’t enjoy cooking
  • Is unhealthy food an obsession?
  • Healthy eating improves mood?
  • Healthy eating controls weight?
  • Lower the risks of getting ill and having various kinds of illnesses?
  • Healthy eating makes you live longer?

Here are some of my question that I have written which are based around my chosen subject related to food.

For my project I would like to do some further in depth research on unhealthy food and how people relate to this. Showing how it is advertised to look enjoyable and appealing but actually is very unhealthy for you. My reason for this research is why make it look eye catching when it actually is bad for the person that is eating it as it is known to be unhealthy.


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