Specialist Technique & Process 3 – Summer Photography!

Summer Photography work!

I have attached some images that I have taken over the summer holidays. Within these images I have covered a wedding, New-born celebration party and a birthday party.

I feel these images really have represented my work well within these images I used various kinds of techniques such as flash wireless and using the soft box.

I have edited some of the images which show my work in overall and give an idea of how I work with my clients.

I am not a people person but over the summer doing these events has really improved my people skills and made me more aware with what I need to do as a photographer to meet my client’s needs.

Overall I feel all my shoots were successful and I feel they are strong enough every event I have covered was different as weddings are not easy to cover as it’s a big function and it’s all about communication and making sure people are standing in the correct position. Lighting is another big task that you need to always make sure is correct because if you are not great with using the lighting on your SLR you could be in a bit of trouble so making sure your image is correct you must check every image when taking it.


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