Advanced T&P 2B Overview on each outcome

Advanced T&P 2B

A focussed, comprehensive and critical understanding of applicable techniques and processes in the realisation of an informed body of work.
Knowledge & Understanding  Outcome 1
Within this outcome I was asked to do a catcall understanding of appropriate techniques and processes. In relation of my ability and correct a range of body of work.

I have done the following my doing range of researches in regards to my proposal as well as this I have created a proposal that shows all my plans and understanding towards what I would like to achieve as well as what I will be doing. Within the brief we was as to do a shoot that is related to the AOP student award, I have collaborated and done the following my presenting and informing what I will be shooting within this brief and what my brief would be about.

I have done a range of research of pack shoots as this was part of the brief to show your understanding and knowledge of how they are done, as my whole brief was related to pack shoots I feel I have collaborated with this this and done what we was asked to produce.

I have added a range of recourse that have helped me within my work and gave me ideas, and I have compared my work with other photographers and try to create my own ideas of how they have shoot their goods.

Knowledge and understanding: I have collaborated with this and done a range of screen grabs showing the relation  of an informed body of work which I have achieved by doing screen grabs of using various software’s such as:

1.    Adobe Photoshop CS6

2.    Capture One-Phase One

3.    Dropbox

4.    Adobe Light

Within this I have done a range of work using adobe and using several tools that would help me clean up backgrounds and make them look clean, as well as that I  have used tools that work on portraits images that are used to clean up skin. I have used capture one successfully my connecting my SLR camera to it and trying out a range of shoots and edited using capture one.

I have used a range of internet websites to send my work to clients such as Drop Box, and we transfer, this is to show any work that I have collaborated with and have evidence to show that I have achieved these tasks. (To see screen grabs please look in outcome 4)

I have placed a range of body work that I have been doing in relation in relation to my project I have done a range of contact sheets to show what kind of work I have produced over the ten weeks, I have also placed my external opportunity contact sheets which are in outcome two and I have done range of shoots which show my development of my progress of the work I have collaborated within over the past weeks which you will find in outcome three.

I feel as though I have completed the following outcomes targets that were set by following all information that was told and as to-do as well as developing on it within my own time which I feel have gave me that confidence using these various kinds of software’s as well as that I feel I am very confidante doing pack shoots in a range of places without having any issue’s.

Working both independently and collaboratively to locate their work in a wider, industrial context and generate external opportunities appropriate to study area.
Cognitive & Intellectual Skills Outcome 2
Within this outcome I have completed the following aims that were set to do.

I have done a range of research and looked at various kinds of photographers that relate to my work as well as this I have contacted, this was by emails and contact them my phone to ask whether they could mentor me or if they have any work experience workshops that I could take part in or attended.

I have done work which indicates within working alone and within a team as part of the film school we was asked to do a range of shoots working together with our class team which I feel we successfully have achieved by taking the images and working within a team.

As part of the external opportunity outcome I have worked independently by doing a shoot for a clothing company which was based in Manchester which I had to attended in order to do the shoot they was a range of other photographer within that day but we got to work with the models and take them on various kinds of location in-order to get the shoots done.

Within this outcome I have done all the following which was asked to do as I have done some external shoots which helped me build up my confidence and meet other people as well getting to work alongside with other photographers on the day.

I have also contacted photographer and talked about my work with them which was very helpful and useful.

CANDY HERO’S External Opportunity: within this outcome I have placed my contact sheets that I did for Candy hero’s as this was an external opportunity as I took part in which really befitted me and I got to develop my skills by using the different lighting within the studio and develop on how to use them in several kinds of ways. This also was a group task as I got to work with other colleagues that I had never worked with which was good as we collaborated and worked in a team and helped each other out through any difficulties.

I also attended the NEC PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW which was in Birmingham within this I got to visit all the workshops that were on and communicate with various kinds of people in regards to my photography equipment and things I could buy for the use of my camera such as Lens, bags which I could carry my photography equipment.

An appropriate area of research using information sources effectively, and critically evaluate on the development of a range of processes and materials in an analytical manner.
Practical & Professional Skills Outcome 3
Within this outcome I have done a range of shoots and added all of my contact sheets in this will show all my practice that I have put in and as well as that my professional shoots that I have successfully achieved.

As well as this I have added my Professional images which I have taken then edited on to my blog which you would find at:

I have done a range of research which has shown my understanding within all the task sheets we was asked to do within this I have collaborated with the range of task we was set, I have placed some library research which is about adobe Photoshop and using various kinds of tools and how they are used I have also used capture one which I have done some backup research on to see how it used. I have done some medium format research which indicates to show how I have done the following tasks as well as that I have placed my contact sheets from the dark room which I did alongside with some test piece.

I have put in introductions and some research which talks and shows about how the software are used, I have placed in some Dropbox information which tell you about how it is used and what else it could be used for.

I have done all the following aims of the outcome and I have shown my example of development which you will find on my WordPress, at I have shown my evolution and development that I have been doing over the past weeks and the improvement and a write up to show how it was done and any difficulty that may have accorded whilst doing them.

I have also placed my research on Pack shots as that was part of my research as to was part of my proposal I was looking at the various kinds of price lists and how much company’s and various places would charge to do pack shoots as I would give me an idea of how much I could charge and how I could maybe use some of this research and develop on it.

Application of numerical and statistical skills in more complex disciplinary contexts.
Key Transferable Skills Outcome 4

Numerical skills within the dark room my tasks were very much in relation to my numeracy skills as we had to work out various kinds of apertures and shutter speed which was with timing and try to combine them together in-order to get the final results that would come out as expected.

Within this outcome I got to gain how you use the numeracy skills which is very important when you are in darkroom, as if you don’t do the right calculation the final result could come out wrong and as to not expected so this is why you much be careful and make you are undeviating within what you are doing and how to set the aperture and shutter speed.

Contact sheets:

1.    Adobe Photoshop CS6

2.    Capture One-Phase One

3.    Dropbox

4.    Adobe Light

I have placed all the above resources contact sheets which I screen shoot as I was set to do the task as this shows my understanding within how to improve on my work using these software’s as that was successfully completed.

I have places a range of copyright resources and that are legal within the UK, things that would be beneficial to what I would like to do such knowing my target audience and which kind of people I would like to work for within the future.

I have also added in a presentation which shows my plans as what I would like to do within the future and companies that I would like to work for in the long term once I complete my degree.


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